....but i'm not

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tall Person Guilt

Tall person guilt stems from situations like this:

Man with no legs on the corner of Adams and LaSalle looks up longingly at me today, sighs and says 'i used to be tall.'

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tylenol PM at 6AM

What better way to launch the new blog hopped up on Extra Strength Tylenol PM? That's what happens when I try to open my eyes before 6am and fail miserably.

Internal conversation: "Huh, wonder what this NT stands for? Pretty sure I saw '...time' on the bottle so it's got to be daytime right? Better yet, I had that ridiculous headache yesterday so let me amp up the dosage, make it superduper-extra strength, that will show 'em."


Internal conversation 2 minutes later: "Huh, I bet that NT stood for nighttime. Yup. And I bet that '...time' was preceeded by a 'nite'. Yup"