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Monday, March 26, 2012

A thought on babies and boys

I met my boyfriend's brand spankin new baby nephew this weekend. You know how some newborns look like aliens and some look like beetles, let me tell you...this one does not. He looks like one of those adorable Anne Gedes babies they put in weird things, like corn cobs and tulips and watering cans. But way cuter. Thank god he is too young to get creeped out by some tall lady staring and making weird contorted faces at him for an afternoon.

Like pretty much anything I do in life, I rehashed the introduction and have a few concerns about my behavior. Well, mainly one concern - what did my level of drooling and oodling say about my desire to spring my own spawn? Did I drool so much that my main squeeze now thinks I want to have a nugget of my own? Am I going to have to over-dramatize my birth control intake and have him double check that I swallowed? Am I going to have to put the kibosh on my "hey look at my food baby" jokes? Should I resist the urge to say "awww!" every time I see a newborn in a newsboy cap and baby Chuck Taylor's? I don't know that I'm capable of giving all that up.

Let's face it, if you have any sort of blood pumping through your heart, it would be impossible to call this little guy anything other than adorable. So for now, and until I'm ready to have a bun in my oven (not for a few minutes if the bf or my mom is reading this), I'm going to keep living vicariously through my boyfriend's sisters and continue to encourage them to do the heavy lifting in the baby department. And I'll be right there to help drool and make the weird faces of admiration.