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Friday, June 8, 2012

Crazy Wench Has Gone Global!

Grüße Mitmenschen人類同胞問候

That's obviously "Greetings fellow humans" in German and Mandarin.

That's right, lookout world...my blog has gone global!  According to those handy weekly stats compiled by Google, there are two foreigners reading my posts over their morning frühstück (who knew that the Germans had it in 'em to make the word breakfast sound dirty...). One resides in Taiwan, the other in Germany.  Granted, the German most likely found it trying to figure out how to spell "smorgasbord" and the Taiwanese person was probably hacking into my account (JK), nevertheless, I'd like to welcome both.  And being the inclusive, open minded, and cultured person that I am (after a week riding public transit in Mexico, I think I can throw cultured in that mix), I'm so happy to be a part of intimately connecting the globe.  Maybe soon I'll be able to convince a Canadian to read it.

If you are out there my new Taiwan and German friends, please feel free to contact me as I have a couple questions for you (#1.  Why do all German men wear speedos and capris? and #2. Where is Taiwan?).
女孩叫喊Höller in dein Mädchen.  (That's obviously "holler at your girl" in Mandarin and German).


  1. Oh how I love my funny, creative, and "funky", (that's a word from the 60's I suspect), granddaughter. She's not only beautiful but she has a brain! Now to get her to be the "morning joe" talk about town - and the

  2. Hey hey!! I just found out about your blog, I am having SOOO much fun reading and catching up. I am so happy for you and John. Guess who will be in charge of the "Dunnett gifts"??? ME!!! And on another happy note---for a short time you'll have a Canadian reading it too---me again!!! Sounds like we need to have a Dunnett Girls sleepover too! XOXOX