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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Bank Fair/Sausage Fest

So today I went to a bank fair. I didn't really know what to expect, my gut told me that it would be a bunch of well-groomed 30-somethings in button-downs (sleeves rolled up) throwing themselves and money at me. But other than that I had no idea what to expect. Turns out, my gut was off.

Also turns out that talking finance as a recent college grad is very different than talking finance as a partner at a law firm. The partner asks questions like "Can I get a measurement on your safety vault?" or "What types of fees will you charge for my [outrageously large] trust fund?" Whereas, I ask questions like "So you offer overdraft protection right? Right?" or "A $300 minimum savings balance? Any ideas on how to maintain that?"

But when it came time to choose my new bank, turns out the ole "process of elimanting creepers" method worked again...

No Chase, I will not bank with you just because you told me my earrings match my dress. Good observation.

No US Bank, I will not bank with you because your four 6'7" sales-gentlemen made an awesome joke about how tough it must be to find a bank being so tall...you know, because I'm tall and banks have height restrictions.

No Harris, I will not bank with you just because you gave me the genius idea of taking my pop out for Father's Day using that free $50 you'll give me when I open a checking account.

And no Fifth/Third Bank, I will not bank with you because...wait, does anyone bank with you?


  1. Hooray another work blogger! Um, you should bank with ING then so you don't ahve to talk to anyone, let alone creepers.

  2. You absolutely have the strangest encounters of anyone I know.