....but i'm not

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's A Big 'Un!

In a few weeks I'll be heading to Tennessee (aka the durrrty south) with some friends for a weekend roadtrip. Do you want to know what we will NOT be doing?

Noodling catfish.

This ain't your grandpa's fishing my friends (maybe your uncles, but certainly not your grandpa's). Unless you live in a third world country or are hammered, I'm not sure what would possess someone to wade in basically a septic tank and then dig around to find a 65 pound Nemo in that septic tank and then stick your hand into Nemo's mouth and back out through its gills in a race to see who can eat who faster.

So no, I will not be noodling, in case you all were wondering. I will, to the dismay of my buddies, be going door to door passing out cupcakes to studio execs with the hopes that they will recognize my talent in imitating country singers (I think that may be how Taylor Swift was discovered).


  1. i believe it's also called hogging. doesn't that sound pleasant?

  2. Oh we will for sure NOT be going noodling. Who ever in this world thought of this as a recreational activity must have been drunk.

  3. Ah sick! Who are these people!! I'll be in Tennessee this weekend. Want me to pass out some cupcakes?