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Monday, June 28, 2010

Taste the Rainbow

Five thoughts that went through my mind at Chicago's Pride Parade yesterday...

#1. Never have I seen so many energy drinks consumed.

#2. Never have I rubbed up against so many people perspiring energy drinks.

#3. How many hits of acid would it take to get me to walk around with rainbow colored pasties on my nipples?

#4. Only at the Pride Parade does this conversation take place:
Me: "Oooo look at the smokin' hot with the bright pink inflatable Crayola Crayon between his legs!"
Sarah: "No way, I love that one over there with the metallic gold hot pants grinding up on the speaker."
Random Passerby in "Hot Buns" briefs: "I want me some of that Mr. Chicago Leather 2010!"

#5. I loved the 5 year old decked out in pride gear cheering on one of the floats, but you've got to wonder how his parents explained the gigantor blue-painted Avatar alien sucking the tail between his legs on the next float.

Also, pretty sure I heard the organ version of Depeche Mode's "Just Can't Get Enough" streaming from the walls of the Friendly Confines yesterday.

How can you not love this city?


  1. **"Taste the rainbow" headline courtesy of Ryan Esche. You should check out his blog at www.weveneverheardthatonebeforeryan.com.

  2. I can't resist (it's my inner 7th Grade boy coming out! No pun intended...)but, the "ORGAN" version of Depeche Mode??? Ha ha ha ha.....